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2007 BMW M5

2007 BMW M5
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This may look like a conventional late 200's BMW 5 series to you. But under the skin, there is a supercar lurking. 

This would be the 5 series E60 version of a BMW M car. The coolest feature is of course, its 500+ HP F1 derived V10 engine. And what a glorious motor it is. Redlines at 8250 RPM, and matched to the 7 speed SMG transmission, it is super fun to drive. You should hear this thing howl at about 5000 RPM, sounds like a wolf in the wild. Of course, when you get an M car, you get the other goodies too, like huge brakes, 19" wheels, a beefy M suspension setup (I cannot believe how good the ride quality is on this car), serious seats, steering wheel , aluminum dash trim looks new, and more. 

This was a highly optioned car, check the sticker which was nearly $96 THOUSAND dollars in 2007. It has several other neat and desirable features, like Head up display, active seats (yes they work), good navigation and music (HK Logic 7), power rear shade, fold down rear seats, heated seats, cooled seats, and even a heated steering wheel. It has been through the shop for an oil service, and SMG tranny service, new air filters, new wipers, and it has been fully polished and detailed. My paint meter shows the paint to be original, and it is beautifully glossy and deep. It is ding free, there is not a curb mark on a wheel and has a set of excelllent Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Non smoker too, carpets, dash and door cards look great. Odometer shows 63k, and records and history add up to that, but since it came from a neighboring state with exemption (10 years or older), it must be resold that way. No scary waring lights, slippy/jerky clutches, or electronic glitches. You want to buy a car like this from an enthusiast, like me. It has a couple of other neat goodies too, including an Eisenmann Sport muffler setup (about a $3000 upgrade), and is set to Euro height with H and R springs. It tracks and rides like a luxury car, amazing. I have the all the manuals, M pouch and two master keys. 

Not a lot of these cars in the marketplace. And at this price, great fun! I just returned from a 500+ mile weekend trip with not a hitch, and really surprised at the number of people who knew what this was. Lots of grins, flashing lights and thumbs up. You can do it too...call me.!

Engine: 0
Mileage: 63000
Year Built: 2007
Mileage:: 63000


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