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The Difference

Individually owned by Allen Akin, Encore Motors follows the Golden Rule to treat others as he would want to be treated. To follow are some of the advantages of buying a unique car from him instead of your typical car dealer. The total of all these things, combined with the emotional impact of the RIGHT car is what makes them worth owning.

Hand Picked

I hand pick everything! I don’t buy cars just to have inventory. Many factors go into selecting those perfect vehicles and ensuring not only that the car is at or above par but that you will have a one of a kind experience. Larger dealerships tend to ‘flip cars’ quickly to maintain their overhead which is not a concern when dealing with me. I’m able to focus on each vehicle, transaction and you as we discover the car for you.

Vehicle History

The car history is essential - Where has this car been? Was it owned by someone who cared or was it just transportation? Is the Carfax or Autocheck history OK? Is there service history to rely on, knowing the seller, does the seller know me and my expectations? I ensure that the history is as pristine as the vehicle itself before it even makes it to the sales floor.

Encore Driven

I personally drive each vehicle, and more than just around the block. The only way that you can really tell what’s up with any car is to DRIVE IT! Hot, cold, wet, dry, little trips and long ones. At Encore Motors, you can be assured that I have been behind the wheel of every car sold. Driving the car allows me to experience the vehicles for anything that might be missed in a typical dealership. I ensure that not only is the car fully serviced before being sold but all the little quirks have been cleaned or repaired or replaced. Most larger dealerships just rinse off the car, put a sticker in the window and off they go. Don’t you want more information than that? Sure you do!

The Best They Can Be

When you look at Encore Macon cars you will notice their pristine condition. I fix everything possible. You will NOT see: door dings or dirty floor mats, worn or mismatched tires or curb marks on wheels. Each car has not only the keys, but manuals and any other books/documentation that I can find, all of which I’ll pass on to you. I take great pride in these older vehicles as friends and customers receive compliments on their ‘new car’.


Check out our Testimonials Page. When you realize the experience that others have had here you will feel comfortable too. I have customers I have never met-- they come to me knowing that I always ‘under-promise’ and ‘over-deliver’. I want to sleep well at night and that is the only way. See The Golden Rule above…

Read Testimonials

Whether the car is $10,000 or $120,000 I want to make sure sense. That is, can you drive it, enjoy it, and stay reasonably liquid owning it? I let you know how to determine when it’s time to get out of an existing car and do it again. Sharing my knowledge and encourage timely trade-ins, letting others take the huge depreciation of purchasing a brand new car. That’s smart car buying and financially sound. Have you ever heard a large dealership tell you that? Neither have I.

Fair Pricing

I don't set ridiculously high asking prices and move thousands of dollars. I do my best to set a realistic price from the beginning, and to be as reasonable with the customer as I can. If a dealer asks you for a price - and immediately offers to sell it to you for thousands less - what does that tell you? They are willing to take advantage of you, if you will let them! Here, I do my best to set reasonable prices based on the market conditions, and to let you know why I think that price is realistic. Same way with your trade, I’ll show you what’s really going on.

No Silly Add-On or Crazy Doc Fees

Encore Motors charges only a minimal price to do paperwork to ensure it is accurate. $499, $599, $799 doc fees? No way! (Note: GA residents must pay any applicable taxes and registration fees).

Purchasing, Ownership and Experience from Encore Motors

Buying a car, especially a unique vehicle like the ones I offer, shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a great experience! I always do my best to make the process enjoyable and memorable even if you’re just visiting from out town for an hour or so. You will be a part of the great camaraderie that I have with my vendors, friends and other customers. Do you really want to spend tens of thousands of dollars and not have FUN!?

A good friend once told one of my new customers. “Allen knows his cars intimately.”, a compliment I appreciate.

Remember - there are “people in the car business” and there are “car people”. You want the latter - the kind of person who loves the sound, smell and looks of a fine automobile, in the kind of condition it deserves to be in. That’s me.

Encore Motors

895 Burrus Rd
Macon, GA 31204